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How to Do Proper Tabata Interval Training

Tabata intervals consist of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, typically performed in sets of 8 intervals (4 minutes). These are a killer, high intensity workout great for cranking up the notch on body weight exercises.

Here’s a great article on Tabata intervals.

Crossfit Videos on Tabata Intervals

Tabata Squat…[wmv]
Tabata Squat Demo-3 Flying Ladies…[wmv]
Tabata Pushups (Greg A and Mallee)…[wmv][mov]
Tabata squat-Muscle-up Fitness Test [wmv] [mov]
Tabata Wattage (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Tabata Treadmill Run, CrossFit Newport Beach…[wmv][mov]
Tabata Something Else, Rob Miller…[wmv][mov]
KB Swing-Pullup Tabatas…[wmv][mov]
Tabata Fight Gone Bad…[wmv][mov]
Tabata Muscle-ups/Clean & Jerks (Annie)…[wmv][mov]


  • farginiceholes

    I just downloaded the Ipod app. Looks great. However, I'm confused how to use the timer. For example, It says to do 50 squats, 50 knees to elbows and 25 pushups – doing 2 rounds total. Are these timed? Is the tabata timer just another option? Help!

  • kortina

    The tabata timer is only used for workouts that prescribe Tabata intervals.
    For example, you won't use it for the workout you just mentioned. I would,
    however, recommend using the built in iPhone Clock application to time the
    workout you just mentioned.

  • Chris


    I am an avid Crossfitter and downloaded your great little app this morning. If you are looking at upgrading it, a nice little upgrade would be to add a set count on the Tabata clock.


  • kortina

    Absolutely! Coming soon.

  • treadmill_trainer

    Thanks for information, I'll always keep updated here!

  • treadmill_trainer

    Thanks for information, I'll always keep updated here!